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Message from the president

Our quality assurance technology creates trust in your company

Ohnishi Electronics has its headquarters in Omihachiman City* in Shiga Prefecture, where it has developed and grown its business as a specialized manufacturer of test jigs for printed wiring boards and electronic circuits.
* Omihachiman City is a historical town based in the castle town of Azuchi Castle built in 1576 and has developed in various fields such as education, industry, and commerce.
Recently, the electronics industry has seen rapid progress in the miniaturization and multifunctionalization of electronic devices and the development of more advanced information technology, resulting in major innovations. As a group of manufacturing professionals with a variety of experiences and advanced technical competencies, we are aware that each and every one of our employees plays a major role, and we will make further efforts to contribute to the development of the electronics industry and society in the future.
All Ohnishi Electronics Group employees will work together as one to make the Ohnishi Electronics Group a company that brings joy and peace of mind to all of our stakeholders.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.

Junichi Ohnishi

President and CEO

Junichi Ohnishi

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Management philosophy

All of our executives and employees will take responsibility for their own actions and
make it our mission to contribute to society as a quality assurance company, regardless of industry or sector.

Management policy

To provide joy and peace of mind to customers around the world
through the pursuit of quality and reliability and the creation of technological developments

Basic policy

1. Quality assurance
2. Technological development
3. Mutual trust
4. Self-training
5. Serving society

Behavioral guidelines

Do it now
Don’t give up
Do it all the way